Zong Advance Balance & Balance Check Code


As one of the fastest-growing networks in Pakistan, Zong values its customers and offers a number of deals and bundles to make their lives easier while working hard to upgrade its services according to the needs of its customers and offers 2G, 3G, and 4G technologies. As a major telecom company, it allows its customers to obtain zong advance loans to make emergency calls. By entering a zong loan balance code, customers can obtain a loan ranging from Rs.5 to Rs.50, depending on their personal needs and requirements. However, it should be noted that subscribers cannot obtain a loan of more than Rs.50 each month. This offer is also termed as ZongRescue and is widely used by Zong subscribers.

How to Get Zong Advance Balance

To obtain Zong Advance Balance, no minimum balance in the account is required. As an added condition, subscribers must have also topped up their account in the previous month to pay back any outstanding loan to Zong. Keep in mind that Zong will automatically deduct the outstanding amount the next time you recharge your SIM.

To avail load in zong, simply use the zong advanced code. For more information, follow these detailed guidelines to obtain advance balance:

  • Send a blank message to 911. Within seconds, your account will be topped up with advance credit. Or
  • Simply dial *911# to get the loan.

The service charge for Zong Advance Loan is Rs.3.57 which will automatically be deducted with the loan amount when you top up your account next time. Additionally, standard taxes also apply to this loan.

How to Check Balance with Zong Balance Check Code

Similar to other telecommunication services, Zong enables its customers to check their account balance via Zong balance check SMS codes. This service can be availed by all of Zong’s prepaid customers. Simply dial *222# and you will get an automated response displaying your current account balance. Minor company charges will be deducted every time you check your balance.

  • All prepaid customers can avail of this offer regardless of what bundle/tariff/package they are on.
  • While the price excludes taxes, standard taxes will be applied with each transaction.
  • Keep in mind that codes are subject to change according to Zong’s policies.
  • For more information, check out Zong’s website for company terms and conditions.

While the method stated above deducts minor company charges, you can also use My Zong App to check your balance for free. The app allows users to activate/deactivate packages, check out free resources, recharge your account, and much more. Simply follow these steps to check your account balance for free:

  • Visit your App store and install “My Zong” app
  • Enter your Zong number to signup
  • Once you have signed up, go to the menu. There, click on “My Account” and check your balance for free, without any charges

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