Top Ten Most Popular Pakistani Dishes


Pakistan’s food culture has been developed over time by people of various ethnicities that live in the country. Our food culture is heavily influenced by the subcontinent and the people who ruled it. We have adopted various dishes from our neighbors and made it our own. What makes Pakistani dishes so popular around the world is the fact that we have added or subtracted few ingredients to give each dish a unique Pakistani touch.

Pakistan has a rich food culture. Whenever you’re hosting a wedding event or a birthday party, food is the top priority. Some Pakistani famous dishes are not only popular in the country, but are also loved worldwide. A lot of Pakistani dishes are well known all over the globe for their unique tastes and colors.

Here are the top 10 Pakistani dishes:


Biryani tops the list of popular Pakistani dishes. For Pakistanis, biryani is the ultimate dish that every Pakistani eats at least once a month. And, if you’re visiting this part of the world for the first time, you must try this dish. A unique blend of rice, meat (chicken, beef, or mutton), and spices makes this dish very special, tasty and Pakistani. It is a fact that Pakistanis like spicy foods, thus hot spices are used in biryani. Nevertheless, biryani is incomplete without special raita (yoghurt blended with mint, green chili, salt and black pepper) and desi salad.

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Mutton/chicken qorma is one of the favorite Pakistani dishes. Appealing color and enhancing smell are the two major highlights of this dish. Special orders are placed with caterers for this dish for dinner parties and wedding ceremonies.

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Chicken Karhai

Another item on the famous Pakistani dishes’ list is karhai. It is a simple and mouthwatering dish. Even though mutton karhai is an equally delectable dish, but chicken is a more popular choice for karhai.

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Haleem is another popular dish in Pakistan, but its preparation requires a lot of time and efforts. Beef and chicken both are commonly used in preparation of Haleem. Barley is also used as an ingredient in this famous Pakistani dish.

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Daal Chawal

Daal (lentil) chawal (rice) is one of the most popular meal in Pakistan. This simple dish is usually served with pickles and chatnis to enhance the flavor. It is one of the most delicious offerings of Pakistan and is normally consumed during lunch.

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Kofta Curry

Koftay are basically meatballs served in a sauce (curry). These delicate meatballs are prepared with precision so that they are cooked whole and do not fall apart while cooking. All required ingredients should be in perfect quantity to keep the meatballs from falling apart.

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Aloo Gosht

This is one of the most popular dishes consumed in every season. Beef or mutton (gosht) is cooked with potatoes (aloo). Due to its unique taste and flavor, aloo gosht is popular across the country.

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Nihari is a unique Pakistani meal that is also served for breakfast. A thick gravy sauce is prepared along with meat (usually beef or chicken). The flavor is unique as the cooking method is completely different compared to the rest of the gravy dishes. This dish is served with hot naans.

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Plain qeema (minced meat) is one of the most popular qeema dishes. Other popular variants of this dish include aloo (potato) qeema, palak (spinach) qeema, dum qeema (smoked minced meat) etc. Regardless of the recipe, this dish is consumed in every home.

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Kheer is one of the most famous sweet dishes in Pakistan. Events or parties are considered incomplete without this dish. There are various variants of kheer as some people put khoya in it to enhance its flavor while some use other ingredients.

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