Eight Foods That Prevent Hair Fall


How to prevent hair loss? The answer to this question is valuable to many, but it is quite difficult to find a reliable source of information that actually helps. We know the feeling of trying various methods available online only to learn that they don’t work. In this article, we are not going to tell you to mix something with something else to prevent hair loss. We are going to tell you, how hair loss can be prevented by changing your diet.


Rich in vitamin A and C, spinach is one of the best foods to prevent hair loss. Including spinach in your daily diet can prevent hair fall. Additionally, the vitamins in it increase oil production in your scalp, which helps your hair grow. Being one of the best foods for hair fall, spinach is your best bet especially when you’re looking for an answer to the question how to prevent hair fall.

Carrots and Sweet Potatoes

What to eat to stop hair fall? Apart from spinach, you can also add carrots and sweet potatoes in your diet. There are many diets available for hair fall, and all of them recommend using carrots and/or sweet potatoes. Carrot is considered an excellent food for hair loss. Carrots contain beta-carotene – a nutrient that strengthens hair – and vitamin A – which produces healthy sebum for the scalp. Rich in Vitamin C, iron, protein and copper, sweet potatoes also fall in the category of best foods to reduce hair fall.

Eggs and Dairy Products

Dairy products including cheese, milk and eggs give you vitamin B12, proteins, zinc, and Omega 6 fatty acids that are necessary for hair growth. Deficiency of any of these vitamins or minerals results in poor hair quality and eventually leads to hair loss. Thus, it is important to include these products in your diet to reduce hair fall as all these nutrients prevent hair fall and aid in hair growth.


A big bowl of oats is one of the best hair fall solutions. Loaded with nutrients like iron, omega 6 fatty acids and zinc, oats also prevent hair loss. Additionally, the polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFAs) that oats contain make your hair thick and long. Therefore, you should make oats part of your hair fall diet.


You should also add walnuts in your hair loss prevention diet plan. Known as one of the most hair friendly nuts, walnuts contain iron, zinc, vitamin (B1, B6 and B9), proteins and magnesium that strengthen your hair.


Lentils are loaded with folic acid and restore the health of red blood cells. The red blood cells supply oxygen to the skin and scalp, and are vital for hair growth. Also, they contain zinc, iron, biotin and protein that help in restoring hair health. With lentils in your diet plan, you can certainly prevent hair fall naturally.


You need proteins for strong hair and nutritionists recommend using chicken for it. Chicken is not only a perfect food for hair growth, but it also reduces hair fall and makes your hair grow stronger. If it is food for healthy hair you’re looking for, then chicken is a good place to start. Known as one of the best foods for hair, chicken should be included in your regular diet.


The list of healthiest foods for hair growth includes strawberries, which also reduces dandruff, and works as a hair moisturizer. They contain silica in abundance, which is a vital hair nutrient. Regarded as a hair growth fruit, you should eat strawberries every day.

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