A Complete Guide to Get NADRA Divorce Certificate


Divorce is an unpleasant experience and people prefer not to share this experience with anyone. In fact, divorce is a social taboo in our society, a subject that needs discussion so that people can accept it as part of life rather than perceive it as the end of it.

People need to understand that unwillingly staying in a relationship only because of the societal fear is extremely self-destructive. In Pakistan, there’s a social stigma attached to the concept of divorce and because of the sensitivity associated with this topic, awareness among people about the issue is inadequate.

The decision to end a relationship rests with you, however, we can help you understand the divorce process better by providing you information about divorce application form, divorce documents, divorce proceedings, and divorce paperwork.

The article aims to help those who are already going through a rough patch by enabling them to easily file for divorce if they want to get out of a relationship. We have listed down NADRA’s divorce procedure and other important details so that you can easily complete the divorce proceedings.

How to get a divorce in Pakistan?

According to Pakistani laws, a divorce will only be considered effective if it’s routed through procedures specified in Section 7 of The Muslim Family Law Ordinance 1961. In divorce filings both parties (i.e. husband and wife) can nominate their lawyers or representatives to attend and follow Arbitration/Union Council Proceedings, however, it is important for wife and husband to appear before the council at least once.

Phases of Divorce

There are two phases of divorce:

  1. Initiation of divorce

There are two different methods to initiate a divorce in Pakistan. These methods are:

Divorce by Husband

In this method, a husband pronounces a divorce (verbally or in writing) to the wife.

Divorce by Wife

Also known as judicial divorce, in this method a wife can contact the family court at her will to end her marriage.

  1. Mutual divorce

In this phase, the husband and wife can mutually write a divorce deed.

Documents Required For Divorce Certificate

The following are the divorce documents that applicants need when filing for a divorce.

  • Affidavit of divorce (attested by gazetted officer)
  • CNIC copies of wife and husband
  • Passport copy of wife or husband (if applicable)
  • Undertaking by wife and husband
  • Copy of Nikah Nama
  • Copy of court order of divorce (in case of Khula)
  • Each party is required to bring at least two witnesses.

Step By Step Procedure To Get NADRA Divorce Certificate

After the pronouncement of divorce or talaq in any form by a husband, a notice should be submitted to the Chairman Union Council and the wife. However, married women have to file for Khula through family court. Once filed, the court will hear the case and will issue a divorce decree. In order to obtain Khula decree from the court, the wife also needs to file an application to the Chairman Union Council of her area first.

After receiving the notice/application, the chairman will constitute an arbitration council within 30 days for reconciliation between the parties. The arbitration council will serve notice to both parties to attend the hearings and if reconciliation efforts fail, divorce will be finalized.

When the divorce is finalized, the details will be entered with NADRA and a computerized divorce certificate will be issued. It is important to note that both parties must attend the hearings and in case a party misses the hearings, the council will serve that party a notice before finalizing the divorce.

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